Lechon Kawali Recipe

Check out the step by step on how to cook a delicious Lechon Kawali using a turbo broiler. Simple and easy. 

1. Boil 3 to 4 lbs pork ribs belly (liempo) with 6 cloves of minced garlic, 1 tsp whole peppercorn and 1 tsp salt.

2. Drain and refrigerate overnight.

3. Place in turbo broiler for 2 hrs. at 375 degrees. Skin on the bottom first then after an hour flip it skin facing up.

Juicy in the inside and crispy perfect skin on the outside

choice of dip.......spiced vinegar

Chop and served with lechon sauce (Mang Tomas & liver spread)

Lastly don't forget to pop those cholesterol pill after


  1. ONLY one piece for me, thank you gid Cecil! Kanamit sang lechon mo...Baw galing ang imo cholesterol ina gaabot sa atop. Ti, bira-birahi exercise sa treadmill para matunaw ang fats kag calories!!! Ha! ha! Happy eating gid.

  2. man daw dalok gid hehehe iya niya ni hubby favorite. ako ya padag an ko sang dip sa spiced vinegar pampadula sum od.

  3. abaw!!! kanamit--daw nag tambok ko just looking. was planning to buy turbo, pro indi nalang. dangerous to one's health...

  4. 'cil, nami aton bag-o nga pic a. kon ga kaon gali lechon kawali, ga gwapa....

  5. Nat, I bought this turbo kay much healthier when used for cooking like broiling whole chicken or fish. Sometimes lang letchon ah hehehe

  6. Nat thanks gid. Sa picture lang na

    you know we also love cooking lechon kawali using our utrbo broiler. in fact more than 50% of the it's cooking time is/was devoted to lechon kawali alone. as you said it its actually what you cook in it but in general turbo broiling is oen of the healthier cooking options. syempre kung "kusog" lang ang imo kan-on sa lechon kawali mo, gamay lang ina nga cholesterol .... but who ami kidding? manamit gyapon ang tambok/panit sa lecho kawali but you'll have to "suffer" the consequences lol

  8. by the way, aside from lechon kawali, im sure you also broil poultry esp chicken (whole) and fish.sometimes vegetables gani or squid. hehehe. just like you we also love our turbo broiler. in fact i had ablogpost "worshipping" our turbo broiler lol

  9. Cooking with turbo broiler is so convinient. Budlay lang i wash kay mabug at hehe
    I usually use this for broiling whole chicken na marinated sa fish sauce. Daw sa Max chicken lang hehehe talagsa langko mag letchon kawali ky medyo bantay ako sa cholesterol ko. Damo pa gina paskuling ko sa Iloilo hehehe


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