What I miss the most.....

"grilled" Bangus, Valenciana, Chicken & Pork Sarciado & Fried Porkchop (w/ taba)
"grilled" Bukaw Fresh Lumpia, Empanada & Pancit Molo

It's been a year and seven months since my last visit to the Philippines. I really miss Iloilo :(


  1. oh, what gorgeous spreads!! tani neighbor kita. HI, CECIL!! bisita naman ko di

  2. cecil, your family must looove you so much--how come you and your husband are slim (and good looking...) with all that food? good genes? :-) you are such a good cook!

  3. Hi Dear Nat,
    How I wish I have you here as my neighbor. Imagine every Sunday I drive to my sisters house w/c is 20 minutes away to share my ulam. hehehe
    You are so welcome to visit here anytime. Make it your second home :)
    Hay naku, to be honest I love to cook but I don't like my cooking but every one else does.
    Thank you Nat!

  4. im sure your success with KBL will inspire you to make some of these food you miss.
    though finding "bukaw" would be somewhat difficult while the others medyo madali lang.
    im sure ma raid ka naman sang asian store dira sa inyo for your next attempts.
    would you believe isa sa pinakamadali himuon ang pancit molo since i think the ingredients are not that hard to find.
    i find the fresh lumpia and empanada difficult LOL

  5. Right jorp! Pancit mulo and even empanada is easy to improvise. But fresh lumpia is kind of a challenge since it's hard to find the exact lumpia wrapper that we have there in Iloilo. We have frozen ones (not a surprise for you by now jorp!)but they are thicker and I even tried using creppe maker but to no avail. I give up! Ubod is also available frozen, again the taste is awful!

  6. hay naku i tried making my own dough for the empanada, sus so time consuming.
    next weekend i will cook fried lumpia ilonggo way and pancit molo. master ko naya ang pancit molo kay kanugon lang pagka tiga Molo ko but like what Lee said the wrapper we have here is for wonton. okey naman basta namit ang filings ya. ang problema ang "kusay" if it's up to me i would use "cilantro" galing ky ang bana ko hindi makasaho. so that I would need you guys recommendation hehehe

  7. Try using parsley or basil leaves. But be careful, basil has peculiar scent. Your hubby might not like it. Basil is good for soup. I can't think of any other substitute for kinchay (kusay?)

  8. parsley sounds better. Thank's Lee.... I will update you with the outcome if edible hehehe


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