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Lechon Recipe

Lechon sa Oven...turned out really good and the skin is so crispy. 

I used a 12 lbs. pork leg. I rub salt, ground pepper around the meat and inserted a lot of whole garlic inside the meat.

Place in oven for temperature 350 degrees for 3 hours while rubbing the meat drippings on the skin.

Add another hour and changed the temp to 375 degrees to crisp the skin.

For sure the left over will be lechon paksiw tomorrow.

Now the food are all cooked and just waiting for the family to wake up for 2009 countdown.


  1. pancit molo, valenciana, suman and pasayan along with the main dish of lechon???? WOW!! hAPPY nEW yEAR, Cecil!!!

  2. Nat no valenciana this time...sakit sa ilok mag galo hehehe
    U know naman kita ya priority nga damo fud sa table pagnewyear for gud luck...hope it works hehehe


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