Skinless Chicken Longanisa

My own recipe on how to easily make Skinless Chicken Longanisa. Give it a try.

You will need:

2 lbs. ground Chicken

4 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

2 pouch Mama Sita Tocino Mix

Wax Paper

How to:

Combine all 4 ingredients above. 

Refrigerate the mixture for at least 2 hours. 


Cut wax paper by cutting it in 6 inches length. 

Scoop a tablespoon of the mixture into the wax paper. 

Spread evenly and roll. Do the same to the remaining mixture. 

Place the rolled longanisa in the freezer for a least an hour. That will make it easier to cut it into 3 inches. 

Freeze for later use. 

How to Cook:

When cooking you won't need to use cooking oil. All you have to do is to unwrapped the frozen longanisa. 

Arrange in a frying pan and add a cup of water. 

Cover and simmer in medium low heat until water dries up and longanisa is fully cooked. Add more water and maybe a tablespoon of cooking oil if needed. 

Don't forget to roll the longanisa once in a while to cook it evenly. 

And here is what we had for breakfast, Skinless Chicken Longanisa and Egg Omelet (stuffed with sautéed onion and tomatoes).


  1. i"ve been wanting to make my own longganisa for so long pero wala di abi sang ice candy plastic bags e. so wax paper gali ang gamit mo? wala man gakadisintegrate magluto?

  2. Hi Chiq, surprising but no. wala gid. what i notice mas mahumok sa tyan ang home made, wala ko naga tig ab, u know what i mean hehehe yeah wax paper works well daw pareho bala sang skinless chorizo sa aton sa Iloilo if you remember. Try it then let me know. Post sa imo nga blog. good luck dear

  3. I cant wait to try ang recipe mo. Wala lang galin tocino mix diri sa gina istaran ko. Any suggestions for an alternate spice mix?

  4. try this ingredients instead... a little bit of rice vinegar or regular vinegar, brown sugar, black pepper, minced garlic and salt. make sure to mix all the ingredients first before adding the ground chicken para you get the acquired taste you want.
    let me know ow it turned out k... good luck. happy cooking!

  5. hi! do you have the exact measurement of vinegar and sugar for the 2 lbs of ground chicken? thanks!

  6. I just tried to cooking my own for about 50 minutes. The outside is brown, but the inside is soft and a bit pink.. Is that normal? I mean, is it cooked already? I tasted it though, it's yummy!

  7. woo jung kyu, that should be it. as long as you slow cook (simmer in low heat) the inside should be done specially when it's made of chicken, it does not take that long to cook. good luck!

  8. Can you refreeze longanisa?

  9. I would not recommend to refreeze any meat that was previously frozen.

  10. This recipe sounds good. I want to try all the filipino dishes but have to be carefull as I and my wife try to eat kosher. Salamat!

  11. Hello,I've been looking for a chicken longganisa recipe and came across yours. Just wondering, is there no need to use eggs or flour to make the ingredients stick together? Thank you!

  12. Nang Thank you guid ah, namit guid sang imu mga recipes. Taga-Bacolod kami sang akon bana kag ari kami dri sa Alberta, Canada kag gapangita always (kada-adlaw)lain-lain nga recipes para sa amon tatlo ka pili-an nga boys, salamat kay nakabulig guid sang dako ang imu blog.

    -Anonymous Five

  13. Love this simple recipe. I have to make it again because my son loves it.

  14. Hello po, when i was still young mlimit kmi mgbksyon sa iloilo at isa sa paborito ko ung longanisa nila na masauce..super like it. I tried to make my own looking recipes on the net pero hinahanap ko p rin lasa nun..please cno po mkkpagshare sakin ng recipe nun pork longanisa..medyo mtgl n rin po aq d nkkuwi ng pinas kya super mis ko na. Please email me
    tnx in advance


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