Beef Torta Giniling Recipe

Tortang Giniling or Ground Meat Omelette is one of those easy to prepare kind of food to serve your family. Your choice, use ground beef or pork or even chicken. 


1 lb ground lean beef

1/2 cup small diced potato

1/2 cup small diced carrot

1/3 cup small diced red bell pepper

1/3 cup raisin (optional)

1 medium size onion, chopped

6 garlic cloves, minced

1/3 cup chopped cilantro (optional)

2 tablespoon cooking oil

4 pieces egg

2 tablespoon flour

salt and ground black pepper to taste

cooking oil

Cooking Direction:

Saute garlic and onion till caramelized.

Add ground beef, saute till golden brown.

Add carrots and potatoes.

Few minutes after stir in the bell peppers and raisins.

Remove the mixture from heat and allow to cool. (I usually place it in the freezer for few minutes to allow it to cool faster)

Heat pan and cooking oil.

While waiting for the pan to heat beat eggs with flour.

Mix in the sauteed ground beef mixture and the chopped cilantro.

Season with salt and ground pepper.

Scoop enough mixture into the pan.

Cook in medium low heat to cook evenly.

Once Torta is cooked drain excess oil in paper towel, arrange in a dish and serve with Banana ketchup.





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