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Summer is here and I am craving for some good fish. I don't feel like starting the grill or turning the oven so broiling was my other option using my ever handy turbo broiler. It worked well, my broiled bangus turned moist and really good.


1 large boneless bangus (around a lb. and a half)

1 thumb size ginger, sliced bite size  

1 medium size onion, diced

2 large tomato, diced 

1 teaspoon fish sauce  

salt and ground pepper to taste

Banana leaves

Aluminum foil  

Cooking Direction:

Clean boneless bangus, pat dry and set aside.

Combine all above ingredient in a bowl.

Fill center of the bangus with the tomato mixture and fold.

Wrap with banana leaves then wrap again the aluminum foil. 

Set turbo to 400 degrees. 

Place wrapped bangus in the center and start broiling. 

Broil for about an hour or two. 

Remove from heat and serve with lots of steam rice and toyo mansi sauce. 


***If your bangus won't fit in the turbo you can cut it into half and wrap separately before broiling.***

Remember, if you don't have a turbo broiler you can either bake or steam or grill using the same ingredients. 

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