Filipino Pasta and Noodle Soup Recipes

Looking for a Filipino Pasta/Noodle Soup recipe? Check out these delicious recipes to make everyone happy. It is best served during cold and rainy weather. Click the name link to see complete recipe.

A combination of seafood and pancit molo balls cooked with noodles.

Chicken Mami Noodle Soup is a popular comfort food for Filipinos. A delicious noodle soup that is simple and easy to make. This recipe is a healthier version yet fulfilling.

This is a combination of Filipino Chicken Mami and Vietnamese Pho inspired. It turned out surprisingly good using clear noodles. You can use sotanghon or mami noodles if clear noodles is not available.

A simple recipe yet satisfying specially during rainy season. With this recipe you can use either ground chicken or pork or beef.

A famous dish originated from a City in Iloilo called Molo.

This recipe is special made with ground chicken meat ball, shrimp and topped with hard boiled egg. See step by step recipe below.

Pancit Lomi is made from egg noodles also know as Miki. A thick and hearty soup made with noodles, chicken, eggs and vegetables.

Made from miswa (misua) and meatballs. Meatballs recipe is from ground pork but you can substitute ground chicken or ground beef and it will taste equally the same. 

Pancit Sinabaw is a not so popular compare to other Filipino Pancit dishes. The usual Pancit Guisado is dry and this one is soupy or sinabawan originated from Davao, Philippines.

Chicken Sopas is a rich noodle soup made with elbow macaroni pasta, chicken meat, some vegetables and milk. A comfort food on a nice cold rainy day.



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