Grilled Pork Belly

Grilled Pork Belly can be cook in many different way. Some like it marinated with just salt and pepper and some with soy sauce and kalamansi or lemon juice.
This recipe is something different. I have read somewhere that other calls this Sinarabasab or pork marinated in tamarind sinigang mix but all I can say is, this is pretty good. Something different than the rest. See step by step recipe below.

  • 2 lbs. pork belly (liempo) cut into an inch thick
  • 2 tsp. tamarind (soup) sinigang mix
  • 1 tbs. sugar 

  1. Rinse pork belly and pat dry.
  2. In a wide container, combine sugar and sinigang mix.
  3. Rub pork meat with the sugar and sinigang mix mixture.
  4. Refrigerate for at least an hour.
  5. Grill over hot charcoal or fry in a cast iron skillet until meat is fully cooked.
  6. Cut the grilled meat into bite size and serve with your favorite side dish such as Papaya Achara or Papaya Ampalaya Achara or a simple mixture of chopped tomatoes and bagoong.

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