Cardillong Amargoso

This dish has always been my favorite. I like the combination of pork and shrimp with the bitter taste of Ampalaya. Ingredients:
1/2 lb shrimp, peeled
1/2 lb pork, sliced thin
3 pieces large bitter melon, cleaned and julienned
1 large size tomato, sliced thin
3 garlic cloved, minced
1 small onion, sliced thin
2 pieces egg, beaten
salt and ground pepper to taste
2 cups of water
Cooking Direction:
Saute garlic, onions and tomatoes. Add slices of pork till pork turns golden brown. Add shrimp and water. Simmer for 15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper then add the slices of bitter melon. Simmer for another 5 mintes uncovered. Pour the beaten egg over. Stir, remove from heat and serve.

Misua with Meatballs Recipe

Also known as Almondigas Ingredients:1 8 oz Misua (flour vermicelli)
1 lb ground pork
1 small carrot, grated
1 stem celery, chopped
5 pieces garlic cloves, minced
1 medium size onion, chopped
1 large patola, sliced
1 stem green onion, sliced thin
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/2 cup flour
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2 pieces knorr chicken cubes
salt and ground pepper to taste
Cooking Direction:Prepare the meatballs by mixing the ground pork, sesame oil, carrots, celery, garlic, onion, flour, cornstarch, salt and ground pepper. Scoop a teaspoon and turn into a ball shape. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the mixture. Using a deep pot heat 2 tablespoon cooking oil, saute garlic and onions till golden brown. Add the meatballs, 10 cups of water and bring to a boil for at least 10 minutes in medium heat. Once the soup starts boiling season with chicken cubes, salt and ground pepper. Add the misua and simmer for 2 minutes. Add the slices of patola and green onion. Simmer for 2 more minutes then remove pot from the heat and serve.

Crema de Fruta

Here is the step by step on how to make a Crema de Fruta. The original recipe calls for fruit cocktails but I use canned peaches, pineapples and cherries.

For the Custard Filling:1 cup sugar
5 tablespoon flour
3 cups evaporated milk
6 egg yolks
1 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a heavy based saucepan. Stir constantly while bringing it gently to boil until it thickens. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Make sure to prepare the custard before anything else. That will give it enough time to cool.

You also need:1 large can well drained slices of peaches
1 large can well drained slices of pineapple
1 small bottle well drained cherries
For the sponge cake I did the short cut and bought some from my favorite bakery.

For the Gelatin:
2 cups pineapple juice or any fruit juice
4 envelopes unflavoured Knox Gelatine
2 cups of water
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoon lemon juice

Blend all ingredients in a saucepan and cook for about 20 to 25 minutes making sure the gelatin is well dissolved. Remove from heat and allow it to cool.

How to Assemble:Cut the sponge cake and arrange on a serving dish. Place the sponge cake first then spread the custard filling on top. Arrange the canned fruits on the custard then pour in the gelatin and refrigerate until the gelatin is set.

You can prepare this a day or two before serving. Great for parties or pot luck.

Crispy Red Tilapia

Broiled not Fried
Temperature here in California is too hot (over 100's) to fry or grill a fish but I still want to have some with my "Laswa" I figure there should be a better way of frying a tilapia.

Here is what I did and it turned out really good and super crispy.
Clean fish but not the scale. Dry the fish using paper towel and cover with sufficient sea salt.
Set turbo broiler to the highest temperature. Using the turbo rack broil fish for 30 minutes on each side. As a result you have a crispy Tilapia with out deep frying. Here is what we had for dinner:
Juicy and Crispy Tilapia served with spicy vinegar and calamansi with a side of "Laswa". (see previous post)

Laswa Ilonggo

A simple yet very nutritious and tasty Ilonggo dish.

Ingredients: 1/2 lb medium size shrimp
1 large tomato, cubed
1 lb kalabasa, cubed
2 medium size eggplant, julienne
8 pieces okra, cut in half
1/2 lb sitaw, cut into 2 inches
1 cup malunggay leaves
1 cup saluyot leaves (jute)
salt and ground pepper (optional) to taste
4 cups of water

Cooking Direction:Boil water in a deep pot. Once the water starts to boil add the tomatoes and the shrimp. Season with salt (to taste) and a dash of ground pepper. Reduce heat to medium to avoid from over flowing. Now start adding the vegetables starting with green beans, okra, eggplant and kalabasa. You don't need to cover the pot. After few minutes add the malunggay and saluyot leaves. Simmer for few more minutes. Remove from heat and serve with fried or broiled fish over steam rice.

*You could also add or replace any vegetable desired*


If you like Sago Gulaman beverage like me then this is a must try.
Unlike my previous Sago Gulaman post where I used Nata de Coco because I was too lazy to make gulaman (Jelly) this one is the real gulaman. Actually I find this a lot better than any Gulaman I had before.

This canned gulaman comes in different colors/flavors. Yellow, Green, Red, Black, etc. I had tried black but was a no. The green was okay and same with the red. The yellow is the best. The moment you open the can you could smell something like vanilla. It comes whole inside and you just have to slice to serve.Ingredients: Agra-Agra, Lemon Juice, Sugar and Water. Net weight 19 oz. (1 lb. 3 oz.) 540 g. Not bad at all, no preservative written. How I wish I could read the rest of the label. ;-) This product is from Taiwan and available at any Asian Grocery Store.

To complete your cold Gulaman here is the rest of the preparation procedure:Using a sauce pan boil 3 cups of water, 1/2 lb. brown and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract. Keep stirring to totally dilute the sugar for 5 to 10 minutes. Reduce heat and simmer till it thickens. Remove from heat, add 2 teaspoon banana extract and allow to cool.

Now the rest is super easy. The sweetness when serving is all depends on how sweet you want your gulaman.

Pancit Bam-i Recipe

Bam-i is my favorite Filipino noodles. I love the taste and the combination of sotanghon (bean noodles) and pansit canton (flour noodles). You could also cook it with any meat or seafood desired.

Here is an easy recipe that everyone will surely enjoy.

You will need:
10.5 oz Kimbo brand sotanghon
8 oz Excellent brand pancit canton
1/4 lb shrimp, peeled and divined
3 pcs chicken breast, diced
4 pcs Chinese sausage, julienned
6 pcs garlic cloves, crushed
1 medium size onion, sliced thin
1 stick green onion, sliced thin
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 cup soaked black mushroom (tenga nang daga)
1 piece carrot, julienned
3 celery stick, julienned
2 tablespoon cooking oil
4 pcs chicken bouillon
salt & ground black pepper to taste

Cooking Direction:
Soak sotanghon in water for 15 minutes. Cut with scissors and drain excess water. Soak mushroom till soft then cut into thin pieces.
Using a wok pour cooking oil and allow to heat. Saute garlic and onions till transparent. Add the Chinese sausage, allow to cook for at least 5 minutes before adding the chicken and the shrimp. Simmer. Season with salt, pepper and soy sauce then add the mushroom and simmer. Add chicken bouillon and 3 cups water and simmer. Add the pancit canton and cook for few minutes. Add the drained sotanghon while stirring continuously. Reduce the heat so that the sotanghon won't stick to the wok and for all the noodles to cook evenly. Garnish with slices of green onion and sliced calamansi when serving.

Big B's in Brea, CA

Crispy, Juicy Fish and Chips served with side of coleslaw and tartar sauce for dipping. Yummy!
This restaurant has always been my favorite. Located 2 minutes away from work.

Chicken Tinola Recipe

2 lbs stewing chicken, cut into serving size
1 small onion, cut thin
2 pieces thumb size ginger, cut thin
1 stem lemon grass, cut into 4"
1 small red bell pepper, julienned
1 medium size green papaya, julienned
1 cup malunggay leaves
salt and ground pepper to taste
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Cooking Direction:
Saute slices of ginger and onions in cooking oil using a deep pot. Add slices of chicken and lemon grass. Season with fish sauce, ground pepper and simmer for few minutes. Add 4 to 5 cups of water, cover pot and bring to boil in medium high heat for at least 20 minutes or till the chicken is fully cooked. Add more water if needed. Season with salt if desired.
Now start adding the vegetables starting with green papaya. After few minutes add the bell pepper and malunggay leaves. Simmer for 5 minutes. Once all the vegetables are fully cooked removed from heat and serve. *Remove all the lemon grass before serving*

Orange County Fair Food Trip

August 15 is the last day for OC Fair so we all went yesterday to enjoy the games, rides and specially the food. For lunch we had foot long sausage and mountain of french fries.
Check out this foot long sausage. Served with sauteed onion and bell pepper and all the condiments that you want.
How about this mountain of fries? It was so good specially we ordered it topped with chile and cheese. Super yum!
Husband wants to order this grilled turkey legs almost a pound each but later changed his mind.
Food everywhere. Grilled, barbeque, deep fried and sweets. It's like food haven. For dessert we had funnel cake and cinnamon. We got too excited I forgot to take pictures.
Pass 6 pm. and the boys wants to have another serving of chile cheese fries. I guess it was that good.
Check out the bill boards.
This I really had to say NO!

Next year again OC Fair!

The Great Steak & Fry, Brea Mall CA

Steak Sandwich and French Fries Combo
My favorite!
french fries made fresh3 servings of ketchup to go with my fries..yummy!
Located at Brea Mall, Brea, CA.

Tokwa't Baboy

Great for any gatherings and the best for pulutan.
1 pack fresh hard tofu, drain
2 lbs pork belly
3 pieces green onion, sliced thin
1 thumb size ginger, minced
1/2 cup vinegar1 teaspoon sugar
6 tablespoon soy sauce
2 pieces jalapeno pepper, sliced thin
salt and ground pepper to taste
one cup of cooking oil
Cooking Direction:
Using a wok place pork belly and pour enough water to cover the pork. Add garlic, whole peppercorn and rock salt. Cover and let it boil for about an hour or till the pork is fully cooked. Set aside pork and allow to completely cool. Cut into cubes then set it aside.
Using a pan fry tofu in cooking oil till golden brown on both side. Let them cool and dry using a paper towel. Cut them into cubes same size as the pork. Set aside.

In a bowl mix the vinegar, soy sauce, chopped ginger, sliced green onions, sliced jalapeno and chopped onions together. Add sugar, salt and pepper to taste.
Using a deep dish mix cut pork, fried tofu and the vinegar mixture.
Toss, serve and enjoy.

Orange County Fair Food Trip

Here are some pictures taken yesterday at OC County Fair, California.
This huge plate consist of every thing fried!

Not only fried but also sweet!
Chocolate Covered Bacon?
Butter Deep Fried? Texas Turkey LegsTurkey legs almost as big as a paper plate.
Just looking at those food makes me want to call my doctor.

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