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Chicken Barbecue on a Stick

Chicken Inasal or also known as Chicken Barbecue on a stick is one of Filipino favorite street food. It is so good and easy to make, just marinate, skewers and grill. Great for parties or any gathering. 

Bangus at Talbos ng Kamote

Sinabawang Bangus with Talbos ng Dahon Kamote is a simple Filipino dish that is not only easy to make but also healthy. You can add other vegetables to this recipe such as okra, ampalaya, etc.

Sinigang na Hipon sa Kangkong

Sinigang na Hipon or Shrimp Sour Soup is a Filipino comfort food. Sinigang is a popular Filipino dish that is a favorite of everyone and can be cooked with meat, shrimp and fish. You can also add more vegetables to this recipe such as eggplant, radish, okra, taro and more. You can also use lemon or kalamansi juice instead of sinigang powder mix.

Laing with Pork

Laing is a spicy Bicolano dish that is made of dried taro leaves, shrimp paste, chili peppers , coconut milk and more. This Laing recipe is creamy, delicious, perfect as a side dish and worth trying.

Adobong Tuyo

Adobong Tuyo is a classic Ilonggo breakfast where tuyo or tabagak is fried and cooked spicy adobo style. With this dish you will need a lot of rice. Imagine having your dried salted fish cooked in spicy vinegar? It is so delicious specially for dried fish lover. 

Giniling with Alugbati at Kalabasa

Giniling with Alugbati at Kalabasa is one of my favorite easy to cook Filipino dish. Simple and delicious when serve over rice.