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Top Filipino Favorite Dessert

If you are planning a party or just looking for Filipino Dessert recipes then look no further. These recipes are not only easy to make but you can also make in advance. There are also great for potlucks and holidays.

Here are the Top Filipino Favorite Desserts to try.

A popular Filipino dessert consisting of pandan flavored gelatin, shredded young coconut mixed with cream and sweetened milk.

Click here to get recipe: Buko Pandan Recipe

Leche Flan is a traditional Filipino dessert and always the crowds favorite. It consist of egg yolks, milk and more milk.

Click here to get recipe: Leche Flan Recipe

Ginataang Ube Bilo Bilo is also known as Ginataang Halo Halo. A Filipino dessert or merienda made with assorted roots, fruits, sticky rice balls, sago, coconut milk and more. Usually served as an afternoon snack in the Philippines and best eaten  when freshly cooked.

Click here to get recipe: Ginataang Ube Bilo Bilo Recipe

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Banana Turon or Lumpiyang Saging is a favorite Filipino snack made with ripe cooking banana and langka wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried to a crisp. Banana Turon is a popular street food usually sold along streets in the Philippines and is one of my favorite. I usually make a bunch and freeze the rest for later use. Great for parties or anytime of the day.

Click here to get recipe: Banana Turon Recipe

Yema Cake is made from 2 layer of cake coated with Yema frosting. It's like having 2 dessert in 1 and a very simple no-bake recipe.

Click here to get recipe: Yema Cake Recipe

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Macaroni Fruit Salad is made with fruit cocktail, cheese, cream, condensed milk and macaroni. A pasta fruit salad so good.

Click here to get recipe: Macaroni Fruit Salad Recipe

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Chicken Macaroni Salad Recipe

Nilupak na Saging Saba is a Filipino street food dessert and a simple recipe with only 3 ingredients.

Click here to get complete recipe: Nilupak na Saging Saba Recipe

Sago Fruit Salad is one of my favorite. Easy to make and very satisfying.

Click here to see complete recipe: Sago Fruit Salad Recipe

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Cassava Cake is a classic Filipino dessert topped with egg yolks and condensed milk. So good and also one of my favorite dessert.

Click here to see complete recipe: Steamed Cassava Cake Recipe

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Classic Cassava Cake Recipe

Espasol is a Filipino dessert made of toasted glutinous rice flour slow cooked in coconut milk.

Click here to see complete recipe: Espasol Recipe

Maja Blanca is a simple dessert made from cornstarch, coconut milk and milk. An easy to make Filipino dessert and this recipe is special, with lots of Latik.

Click here to see complete recipe: Maja Blanca Recipe

Cassava Suman is also known as Alupi in Ilonggo. Made with grated cassava, young coconut, sugar and steamed. Easy to make and taste good.

Click here to see complete recipe: Cassava Suman Recipe

Suman Malagkit

Suman Malagkit is a simple and easy to make recipe using glutinous rice flour. Made with glutinous rice, sugar, butter and coconut milk. Try it.

Click here to see complete recipe: Suman Malagkit Recipe

Maruya is a is a Filipino type fritter that is usually made from saba or cooking banana. These Maruya are easy to make and great for snack and even for breakfast. The sliced saba is coated with batter and deep fried until golden brown.

Click here to see complete recipe: Maruya Recipe

Ube Halaya is a one of my favorite Filipino dessert. Great when used as topping on a vanilla ice cream or a tablespoon on your halo-halo or eaten by itself

Click here to see complete recipe: Ube Halaya Recipe

Kamoteng Kalingking is a delicacy from Bicol and named Kalingking because sweet potato is cut like fingers.

Click here to see complete recipe: Kamote Kalingking Recipe

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